55 Percent of Kenyan Children Have Accessed Adult Pornography Online- Report

June 11, 2022

By Raisa Okwaras

The 2021 Report titled ‘Disrupting Harm in Kenya’ reveals that about fifty-five percent of children in Kenya have had access to adult pornography on digital platforms.

According to the survey which took place in five countries, Kenya had the highest rate of children with access to adult pornography online.

The report also holds that sixty-seven percent of children between the ages of twelve and seventeen have access to the internet. Also, two-thirds of these children access the internet with no guidance on possible risks online, hence making them susceptible to online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

From the report, the majority of Kenyan children aged between twelve and seventeen were unsure of where to get support if they experienced sexual abuse. One in three children that experienced online sexual exploitation and abuse failed to disclose it to anyone.

Moreover, in 2020 alone, the Kenya Law Enforcement Agencies recorded 14,434 cyber tips for missing and exploited children, constituting about a thirteen percent increase from 2019’s report. Such continues to raise questions about the safety of our children online.




With this, the Government of Kenya yesterday launched two documents; The National Care Reforms Strategy (NCRS) and the National Plan for Action (NPA) to curb Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA). This will enable children to continue using digital platforms while being mindful of their safety. Sadly, at the moment, most children fail to realize that they are an easy target for adults looking to groom and exploit them online.

This is a form of online crime where strangers build emotional bonds with the children to gain their trust for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The perpetrators can induce you into their traps through enticements such as money and gifts to get your attention and affection.” Said Agnes Mwendwa, the Chairperson of the Kenya Children’s Assembly.

According to the Online Child Exploitation Report, six percent of children in Kenya are victims of sharing images or videos of their bodies with strangers online. Additionally, fourteen percent of these children have gone ahead to physically meet strangers they met online.

Let us always stand for what is right. Spread the message of online safety, educate the society and let your parents and guardians embrace a better future for every child in Kenya and by far, this world,” added Agnes Mwendwa.

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