High Court bar the Government from Administering Covid19 Jab to Children

June 23, 2022

By Lydia Gichuki

The High Court yesterday barred the government from administering Covid-19 vaccines to school children across the country without express authority or consent from their parents.  The order was issued by Justice Antony Mrima.

In addition, justice Mrima also barred Schools, Churches, and mosques from demanding vaccination of children and persons under the age of 18 years until the case is heard and determined.

‘Pending the hearing and the determination of the petition herein, a conservatory order be and is hereby issued prohibiting the respondents, their respective agencies and or departments, their servants, agents, employees, or anyone acting at their behest and direction from administering any covid-19 vaccines on children in schools, across Kenya, in Churches, in Mosques or other such like places of Religious worship.” High Court Judge Justice Anthony Mrima ordered

The activists who filed the case argued that it’s illegal for the government to force children to be vaccinated in schools or churches.

Additionally, they argued that schools children and youth attending churches across Kenya are at risk of being coerced to take up the vaccine by agents of the Ministry of Health.

Court documents claim that on June 11 the Ministry notified Kenyans through the media that Covid-19 jabs will be administered at places of worship, schools, and workplaces.

It continued to say such an act by the Ministry of Health is unconscionable, unconstitutional, and egregious and constitutes exploitation of these youth.

Further, the activist claimed that the contents in the vaccines to be injected allegedly bear substances whose health effects are irreversible while passed off as medical vaccines.

A parent who was part of the petition, Harrison Kinyanjui, told the court that with the move by the Ministry to make the announcement, vaccines can be administered to children yet their parents have not consented to in writing before a medical practitioner as required by the Health Act.

The matter will be mentioned on the 27th of June for pre-trial directions.

Photo Credit; Africa CDC

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