Child Journalist Asks Politicians to Involve Children in Decision-making

August 6, 2022

Politics is a wide topic, especially for children. It is a time in which adults choose the future leaders of their country. The adult is deemed or has to be over 18 years. Anyone below that age is prohibited to go to vote because their time has not come yet.

As a result of the Kenya Children’s Bill Act, children can now involve themselves in politics. Why or how, you may ask? They are now able to participate in making decisions concerning and involving them. They can interact with the country’s leaders either directly or indirectly.

Children get to have discussions with the leaders in which they ask them to show their mandate on what they will do about children. One of the ways they get these discussions is through organizations like Mtoto News.

In my opinion, involving children in making decisions concerning themselves is a good idea. Since this can help the children themselves to witness or create the life skills such as creative thinking and decision making.  This will help them make informed decisions.

One of the indirect ways is maybe through news organizations such as the well-known Citizen TV and KTN. They can interview the leaders and children get to livestream the interviews. This way, children get to know what the leaders say about them and what developments they will work on to help children.

That is why I say children are the future. They know their problems and they have ideas for solutions to those problems. Involving them is the best measure our leaders can take.

For example, in climate change, we were told the environmental crisis is a child rights crisis. Take that as a measure that major organizations are taking. They use the children themselves to state their problems and the solutions. This is truly creating a window for tomorrow.


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