On Child Safety; Recalling Serial Child Killer Masten Milimu Wanjala and the Innocent Lives He Cost

August 17, 2022

It is barely two days after the IEBC declared Dr.William Samoei Ruto as the president-elect of Kenya, results which Raila Amolo Odinga rejects. While the political environment in the country remains steamy, I have one question for parents and guardians; How safe are your children?

This question leads me to June 2021 when cases of children disappearing and parents being asked for ransom were high. All fingers pointed to Masten Milimu Wanjala, the then 20-year-old man who confirmed being the serial killer behind the cold-blood killings of innocent children.

One Junior Musyoka aged 10 years old had gone missing from his parents’ home in Eastleigh’s Biafra Estate. According to Junior’s mother Felister Musau, an anonymous caller had called her demanding a ksh.50,000 ransom, failure to which her child would be killed.

However, on August 10, 2021, police officers in Nairobi retrieved the body of Junior Musyoka in Spring Valley, Nairobi. His was the third of the three bodies of children retrieved in the same spot. The other 2 had been found and retrieved a day before Junior’s body was found.

All the three children kidnapped and murdered were below 10 years old. One girl was reportedly kidnapped on June 30 in Nairobi’s Buruburu Estate. Her lifeless body was found next to Musyoka’s.

However, police officers had revealed that the key suspect that abducted and murdered the three children has been arrested. We later come to learn that Masten Milimu Wanjala the 20-year-old mastermind behind the child killings, was responsible for over 11 child deaths.

Masten had led them to the location where the bodies of the children were in Kabete. He opened up to the police officers and told them that he had killed 11 children by then. According to him, there was a demon that would attack him and order him to kill the little ones.

Masten had been playing for Kinyago United, which had about eighty players, twenty of which were boys aged 12 and below. On the day when Musyoka disappeared, he had joined Masten’s team to play under Kinyago United.

Musyoka’s mother got concerned when her only son had not returned home by 11pm. She headed to Anthony Maina- Kinyago United Coach to confirm if her son was with him. Musyoka was nowhere to be found but the coach told her there was nothing to worry about as he could have taken a detour to his friends’ place.

The next day, the parents got threats from a number asking for ransom worth ksh.50,000 failure to which they would sell their child in Tanzania. When the family requested to hear the child speak, they were told to send ksh.5,000 first, which they never had. That was the last time the anonymous number went through.

Police then launched investigations and tracing the suspect led them to Kitengela. He was arrested and detained at Shauri Moyo Police Station.

On October 15, 2021, a mob attacked and killed him in Mukhweya village in Bungoma county as he was playing soccer. Reports revealed that it was two days after he had escaped police custody and people were concerned over the safety of their children. At the time, Masten was to be arraigned at Makadara Law Courts on October 13 for thirteen counts of murder. The mob decided that it would be best to kill him to stop the tragedy he was causing innocent parents and children.

Please keep watch on your children at all times. Stay safe.

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