Governor Kihika Offers Job and Food to Mother whose Hungry Children Ate Chameleon

November 8, 2022

Mother whose children cooked and ate chameleons due to hunger now have a sigh of relief after Nakuru Governor Susun Kahika supplied them with food, household items and a job offer for the mother.

Further she promised to build the family a house as they are landless and lives in a grass-thatched house and relies on a well-wisher to go by.

Governor Kihika, through the county’s deputy director of communication Kigotho Mwangi, said the family has been offered three months’ worth of food and non-essential items.

“The governor has committed to having a place within the area identified and a permanent house built for them. The mother will also work with the county government in the environment department,” said Mwangi.

The family that hails from Nyakinyua village, Kuresoi North had gone without food for two days according to their mother Joyce Chepng’etich which resulted in this dangerous and desperate act.

After eating the chameleon, two of her seven children, daughters aged two and four, got admitted on Friday at Molo Sub-County Hospital and were discharged after receiving treatment.

“I was away working on other people’s farms for pay. The children were on their own at home and felt that I was taking too long. One of my sons aged seven cooked the chameleons,” she said.

According to Joyce after her children started getting sick her eldest son induced vomit. Her sister, who had luckily passed by, took the other two to Nyakinyua dispensary but they were referred to seek medical attention at the Molo hospital.

Chepng’etich’s sister was, however, unable to take them to the hospital due to lack of funds and instead administered them wood ash which she believed would help neutralize the poisoning.

However their condition worsened prompting the mother to rush then to Molo hospital for further treatment.

According to Molo hospital superintendent Bernard Warui ,the children were admitted to the facility suffering abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhoea.

They were stabilized and placed under observation by medics as they recuperated. They fully recovered and were discharged.

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