MOE Releases New School Calendar as Normalcy Resumes

November 11, 2022

A new school calendar has been released by the Ministry of Education and is set to restore normal school schedule of yester years.

The calendar was disrupted for about two years, 2021 and 2022, where a crush programme was introduced to recover time lost due to school closure as a result of Covid19 lockdown.

Education PS Julius Jwan while releasing the dates said all pre-primary, primary and secondary schools will have their opening day on January 23 and close on April 21 after 13 weeks.

The teachers training colleges, whose classes started on August 29 ending December 2, will start their second term on January 23 next year for 13 weeks till April 21.

Instead of the usual 4 weeks holiday, affected students will have two weeks break in April as the calendar starts in late January.

The August holiday will also be two weeks long from 12 to 27 for pre-primary, primary and secondary institutions.

On the other hand teachers training colleges will have their August holiday from 12 to September 1 for three weeks.

In regard to national examinations next year, KCPE exams are scheduled for November 6 to 9 while the KCSE exam commences from November 10 to December 1 for three weeks.

Students will get two month’s break from November 3 till the following year after completing their third term.

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