Narok Man ,50, Convicted for Marrying a Nine- Year -Old Girl

January 10, 2023

A fifty- year old from Narok County has been convicted on his own guilty plea for marrying a nine-year–old girl in the year 2019.

Appearing before Narok Senior Resident Magistrate Phyllis Shinyanda, Saigulu Ololosereka, told the court that the girl was offered to him for marriage by her father Senteu Ole Mareu.

According to Narok Children’s officer Pilot Khaemba, through court documents said the marriage came to light after the girl, now 12, developed child birth related complications and had to be rushed to the Narok County Referral Hospital for treatment.

Accompanied by her husband, the minor underwent emergency cesarean section but unfortunately experienced a still birth.

At the hospital, an age assessment was done which ascertained that she was 12 years old.

Khayemba then prayed to the court to grant his office permission to commit the young girl, who is yet to be discharged from the hospital, to Taraja Children’s home in Machakos County, a prayer that was granted by the court.

Following the reading of his charges in Maasai language, the old man took the guilty plea after confirming that indeed the young girl was his wife.

Saigulu , will remain in  police custody until January 11, 2023 when the judgment will be passed after Shinyada convicted  him on his own guilty plea.

The court ordered the arrest of the girl’s parents to answer charges for subjecting the girl to an early marriage..


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