Six Teachers Arrested Over Viral Video of Pupils Engaging in Indecent Acts

February 2, 2023

Six teachers from a school in Kisii have been arrested after a video showing pupils imitating a sexual scene went viral.

The video which has been trending since Monday has caused uproar on the social media with Kenyans demanding for immediate arrest of the teachers involved.

The 29 seconds clip shows two boys mounting their two fellow pupils in an indecent pattern to the laughter from the teachers

According to the police report, the incident was reported by sub-county education director Linet Onduso.

“It was reported by Nyamache sub-county education director Linet Onduso that she received a clip exposing school pupils in an indecent act. On inquiry, she discovered it to originate from Itumbe Dok Primary School.”

“Officers and the sub-county education director visited the school and established that the clip originated from the said school,” the police report said.

The arrest was made after police traced the footage to the Itumbe DOK primate in Nyamache, Bobasi constituency.

On Wednesday afternoon, the police made an arrest of six suspects who are cited as Everline Moraa, Gladys Kenyanya, Angelica Joseph and Moraa Nyairo, Catherine Moraa and William Isoka.

The teachers’ phones were also confiscated for forensic tests. The six teachers are being grilled at Nyamache Police Station pending arraignment.

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