Most Kenyans prefer CBC to 8-4-4 System -Study

February 15, 2023

A new study indicates that 47 percent of Kenyans say CBC is better compared to the 8-4-4 system while 38 percent prefer the 8-4-4 system.

In addition, 17 percent of Kenyans proposes CBC should be scrapped off.  The report released yesterday indicates that 74 percent of Kenyans decry high cost of implementing CBC while 42 percent said CBC is too demanding to the parents.

“Almost all citizens (96%) have heard of the competency-based curriculum (CBC) and citizens favour the CBC over the previous 8-4-4 system. Half (47%) say the CBC is better, including one out of ten (11%) who say it is much better, while four out of ten (38%) say the previous “8-4-4” system is better.” says the report

These findings are contained in a report by Twaweza East Africa titled “What we teach our children: Kenyan citizens’ experiences and opinions on curriculum reform”.

Also it lists financial cost and time-demands on parents as the main challenges in the new curriculum’s roll out.

Further, 48 percent of Kenyans are unhappy while 36 percent are happy with the country’s direction in terms of curriculum reform.

14 percent of respondents complained of lack of teacher training while 7 percent complained of JSS confusion.

The study which was conducted between November 3rd to 17th, 2022 saw 3,000 respondents interviewed.

“This was created through random sampling from a database of contacts from previous surveys to establish a new nationally representative panel comprising 3,000 respondents. For this brief, data were collected from 3,000 respondents in the ninth round of the special Sauti za Wananchi panel, conducted between November 3 and November 17, 2022.” the report stated.

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