14-Years-Old Kenyans Unique Photo Receive World Recognition

February 21, 2023

Rohan Shah, 14, submission of a heron flying off with a skink in its beak from Masai Mara has won him the runners-up prize in the 2022 Young Travel Photographer of the Year award category.

He won in the 14-year-olds and under category in Travel Photographer of the Year 2022 competition.

“I am humbled to have won the runner-up in this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year competition in the 14-year-olds and under category. Looking forward to a super journey ahead,” he stated

While submitting his photograph he described it as “The grey heron managed to get hold of a very slimy skink – a type of lizard – by piercing the creature’s head. The heron flew away showing off its large wingspan.”

According to Shah, it took one year and a half to grow his skills with the help of his mentors.

The winner of the category was Kaia Tham, 14, from Australia. She was praised for creating photos of reflections on things often overlooked.

The competition received 20,000 pictures from photographers around the world with Slovenian photographer Matjaz Krivic’s images of 33-year-old Majin in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya was the overall winner and Travel Photographer of the Year 2022

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