Grade Four Pupil Sustains Serious Injuries after Being Given 107 Cane Strokes

March 30, 2023

A grade four pupil from Riang’ombe Primary School, Nyamira County is nursing serious injuries after a teacher gave him 107 cane strokes.

The matter came to light after it was highlighted by social media users using the hashtag  ‘Justice for Grade 4 Pupil’ demanding for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the teacher in question for contravening the Ministry of Education’s policy on corporal punishment.

The police are investigating the circumstances under which the pupil sustained the injury.

It is said that the boy was assaulted last Sunday and upon realising his injuries were serious, his teachers conspired to conceal the incident by keeping him in the dorm and denying him medical attention.

A relative to the boy said his nephew was given 107 strokes of cane after he went to report about theft of his clothes from the residential dormitory.

“I received a telephone call yesterday after work. At around 7pm, my brother informed me from Nairobi that he had information that his son had been injured in school and asked me to go and verify the report,” he said

“I asked my brother how he had known about the injury of his son. He told me that our last born brother happened to be around Manga where there were some sports going on. He said that since the school is within the vicinity, he decided to go and visit him,” added the uncle.

However, his attempt to see the boy was blocked by the teachers who had apparently made round the clock surveillance on anyone coming to visit him.

It is the pupils who knows the visiting relative who informed him that the nephew was badly beaten and had serious injuries which made him unable to walk, sit or do anything.

The family is lamenting over the school negligence and their attempt to cover up the incidence while manipulating them to forego reporting the matter least the teacher involved loses his job.

“The boy is unable to walk. He cannot sit up. The teachers conspired to manipulate us not to expose this issue, claiming the boy was injured slightly and that he was getting well. They claimed that the assailant had apologised and that it was necessary to protect him from losing his job,” said the uncle.

The relative contacted the school’s principal who denied knowing the incidence saying he was told that the child was sick not injured.

The youngster was taken to Nyamira hospital where it was discovered that injuries were very severe to an extent that a huge tissue had been cut out of his buttocks as a result of the injuries.

Records from Nyamira County Referral Hospital show that the boy has serious injuries on his buttocks.

The boy was only two months old at the school after he was transferred from a Nairobi school.

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