Boy Nursing Serious Injuries after Teargas Canister hit his Head during Anti-Government Protest

April 6, 2023

A family from Mukuru Kwa Ruben is crying for Justice after their seven years old son was left with life threatening injuries during anti-government protest on March the 20th.

The family of Louise Musela claims he was hit by a teargas canister during the riots and for the past two weeks he has been confined in a hospital bed as the family struggle with the bill.

The young boy is admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Louise was playing with his friend outside their house when police started dispersing protesters.

According to the family the canister hit the boy on his head throwing him miles ahead where he fell on rocks that damaged his eyes with the teargas canister being still lodged in his head.

‘They threw the canister into the compound hitting the boy in his head throwing him into rocks which damaged his eyes while the canister was still lodged in his head,’ said the boy’s grandmother.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital by a good samaritan as others in the vicinity had dispersed to safety.

He was later transferred to a bigger hospital where CT scans were conducted and it was discovered the skull had been fractured.

The grandmother was advised to book the boy for surgery which would cost Ksh850, 000 but she decline as she didn’t have the money.

She requested the hospital to give her a transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital where Louise was operated on last Tuesday and now is recuperating under the care of his grandmother.

She said she is required to raise Ksh77, 000 to cover the operation cost but she retaliated saying she didn’t the money to pay.

The grandmother now says the grandchild is not behaving normally as he did before the accident.

[I asked the doctors why he is not behaving like he was behaving earlier and they told me it is because his brain was injured when the canister hit his head,’ she said



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