African Children Summit: Children Presents Kigali Declaration to Policy Makers

April 12, 2023

Children participants in the African Children Summit on Wednesday presented and handled over Kigali Declaration on Child Care and Protection Reform to policy makers in UN, AU, the Judiciary and the committee on the Rights and Welfare of African Child.

The children hope that with the Declaration in hands of policy makers the challenges and resolutions will be acted upon and results visible.

They called upon all the stakeholders worldwide to engage and involve them in policy making while at the same time ensure their rights are not infringed

63 working children and youths representing 15 groups from all over the world participated in the conference held in Kigali Rwanda in June last year. They discussed among themselves the challenges they face in their everyday living and came with relevant solutions.

Among them were, climate change, child labour, forced labour, trafficking and sexual exploitation, FGM, teen pregnancies and early marriages.

The declaration resolved that social protection coverage should be expended to reduce poverty and promote human capital for all children and young people, and strengthen social protection systems to better respond to future shocks.

It entails a message directed towards stakeholders to respect children’s views and to protect them from harmful practices.

The declaration aims to ensure that children are protected, especially by progressively replacing institutionalization with quality alternative care.

Moreover it seeks to advocate of elimination child labour in all its forms, forced labour, trafficking, early marriages, FGM and sexual exploitation. among other children rights violation.


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