Students Break for Two Weeks Holiday

April 20, 2023

Students both in primary and secondary schools have broken for their end of term holiday starting today.

The students will be home for the April holiday for two weeks. The students are expected to resume school on May 8 and close on August 11.

The first term began on January 23, at least two weeks later than usual due to the government change of the school calendar to compensate for time missed due to the COVID epidemic.

This marked reinstatement of the normal school calendar of three terms per year, as opposed to the previous two years, when the ministry squeezed them into four.

The 2023 first term also marked the beginning of another phase of Competency-Based Curriculum implementation, as the first class of almost 1.2 million students transitioned to Junior Secondary School (JSS).

The first term had 13 weeks, the second term will have 14 weeks and the third term will be the shortest with 10 weeks.

“From June 29 to July 2 the students will be on half-term break,” the circular reads.

In a circular published in January and copied to Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, TSC chief executive officer Nancy Macharia and KNEC CEO David Njengere, the Ministry of Education adjusted the 2023 school calendar, changing the duration of the national exam.

It stated that KCPE and KPSEA will begin on November 30 and end on November 2. On the same breath, students writing KCSE will also sit the exams from November 3 to November 24.

Students will break from October 28 to January 8, initially, they were supposed to get two months’ break from November 3 till 2024.



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