Children make up 60% of all Bodies Exhumed in Shakahola

May 10, 2023

Sixty percent of bodies being exhumed in Shakahola forest are those of children a report privy to our newsroom indicates.

This was echoed by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki three weeks ago when he visited the crime scene in Kilifi County.

Currently, 133 bodies have been exhumed as the government embarks on the second phase of exhuming more bodies today.

Reports from the government’s pathologist Johnson Odour show that These children died in the worst possible ways as autopsies on their bodies showed they were strangled to death, their bones broken, hit by a blunt object, their mouths and noses stuffed, and others starved to death.

“Generally, most of them had features of starvation. We saw features of people who had not eaten. There was no food in the stomach,” he told reporters.

The cult appeared to require children to starve first, followed by women, and finally men.

Reports from the residents show that these children were made to believe their rights to education, health, and play were evil. Messages such as Elimu sio mpango wa Mungu were drummed into their ears to brainwash them

A full-scale investigation has been launched into the Good News International Church and its leader, named in court documents as Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, who preached that death by starvation delivered followers to God.

Mackenzie, who has been in police custody since April 14 alongside 14 other suspected cult members will be held in police custody for an additional 30 days to allow investigations, a court ruled today.

President William Ruto appointed a judicial commission of inquiry to probe what happened in Shakahola.


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