Schools in Nandi Struggling to Keep Students in School Due to High Cost Of Living

June 6, 2023

In Nandi County, boarding schools are struggling to keep students in school due to a serious food shortage.

This has been occasioned by the high cost of living that is being witnessed in the country.

The situation has been made worse by the government’s failure to disburse funds to schools coupled with parents struggling to pay school fees leaving the schools already burdened in a tight financial situation.

As reported by Nation, due to these financial constraints, suppliers are shying away from supplying the schools with food items as they claim schools are issuing them bouncing cheques.

Instead, they are asking for an advance before supplying the schools citing the high cost of buying goods is forcing them to dig deeper

It has been reported that schools are now buying the 50kg bag of beans at Ksh20, 000 while a bag of maize of the same quantity is selling between Ksh.7, 000 to Ksh.8, 000.

The nation established that school heads are frustrated by the current situation as keeping students in school is becoming an uphill task.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang revealed that many secondary schools have been asking the county Government to support them in buying food for the student.


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