KESSHA Wants Capitation Per Student Increased to Ksh,30,000

June 29, 2023

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) has proposed the increment of capitation from the current figure of Sh22,244 to Sh30,000 per student.

This was proposed by the Association’s chairman Kahi Indimuli during the annual conference of school heads in Mombasa.

This, he said, is due to the recent increase in commodity prices and late disbursement of funds from the government.

“I’m faced with a challenge when my colleagues say that we don’t even get 100 per cent of the Sh22,244, how do we ask for more and even the little one doesn’t come? How will it happen?” Indimuli asked.

Indimuli said that schools are owed a sum amount of Sh8,901 per learner in unremitted capitation funds.

This, he said, is because of deficits schools have experienced in the previous financial years.

For instance, he said that in the Financial Year 2021-22, head of schools had proposed Sh17,792 which included the retained money at the ministry for Edu Mafia and activities.

However, he said there is a balance of Sh4,451 per student for that academic year.

He added that in the Financial Year 2022-23, they received a similar figure of Sh17,000 and are still looking for a Sh5,000 deficit per student.

To clear this deficit, Indimuli added that the only way to clear the deficit is by urging parents to pay fees for their children in boarding schools.

“When capitation is released and then the parents are told that we have now sent funds to schools and therefore no children should be sent home, it hurts us because, how do we feed them? How do we provide water and sanitation? Because once children come to my school it becomes my responsibility,” Indimuli said.


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