No More Mid-Year School Transfer, Government Says

June 29, 2023

Secondary School students will not be able to transfer to other public schools mid-year after the government banned the same.

Supporting this directive, the Director of Secondary Education Paul Kibet said that transferring a student mid-year makes it hard for school principals to reconcile the amount of fee to be paid. He added that some parents ask for a fee refund when transferring to other schools.

This was announced by the Ministry of Education during the ongoing principals’ conference in Mombasa during their annual conference that started early this week.

To transfer a student, both the receiving school and the releasing school are required to communicate so that the affected learners’ details in the NEMIS are transferred to the new school.

This is also communicated to the Ministry to allow government capitation to be channeled to the new school.

Mr. Kibet asked school principals to comply with this directive saying they should detest from signing transfer letters in the middle of the year.

Principals retaliated that this move would affect students whose parents will relocate to other regions mid-year and decide to move with the whole family.

According to Mr.Kibet, the rule has always been in transfer forms but it has not been adhered to by school heads and parents.

For a transfer to be effective, the transfer letter must be signed by the sub-county director of education, the county director of education and the director of secondary education or special programs.




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