Nakuru Little School Ranked Among Top 10 Best Schools Worldwide

July 5, 2023

Children in Freedom School, in Nakuru County,  has gained international recognition after being ranked among the top 10 best schools worldwide.

The school was ranked by T4 Education Initiative where it competed with over 1000 other schools worldwide under the category of Overcoming Adversity.

The little-known learning institution was given this recognition for allowing its student to have the freedom of choosing their school attire.

Many students at the school wear African attire and ‘lesos’ to school as there was no school uniform.

In addition, the school’s unique curriculum was also part of the reason they were recognized.  It has a multifaceted curriculum, which incorporates roots and heritage and coding.

Kindergarten students were actively engaged in studying diverse African languages and dialects to foster their multilingual skills.

“Students also learn public speaking, as well as critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a result, the learners are literate and multilingual by the age of three,” T4 education noted.

According to T4 Initiative, the school was also recognized forproving that African children thrive and flourish when the curriculum is tweaked to boost to address specific needs.

“These approaches have developed a deep sense of pride, self-efficacy, and identity among the students.

“It encouraged children to embrace their skin colour, natural hair colour, and brilliance. The school also adopted African prints and outfits, as well as promoted the powerful African value of ‘Ubuntu,” added the organisation.

Other schools in the top 10 were Cadoxton Primary School(Wales, UK), Colegio Impacto de MAIA(Guatemala), Escuela Litoral Austral(Chile), Feversham Primary Academy(England, UK) and Colegio Campestre ICAL(Chía, Colombia).

Additionally, Runjin Sambo(Sokoto, Nigeria), Artashes Shahinyan under the Yerevan State University(Armenia), Snehalaya English Medium School (India), The Max Rayne Hand in Hand School (Jerusalem, Israel) were among the top 10 schools.

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