Mtoto News Digital Literacy Sauti Zetu Training Commences

August 22, 2023

At least 24 children converged for the commencement of Sauti Zetu Training at Mtoto News Offices on Monday, August 21.

The five days training ending 25th August aims to equip these children with digital literacy and advocacy skills to give them a voice to advocate for issues affecting them. Further, it intends to empower the children by preparing them with digital literacy skills for the future that will place them at par with their peers around the world.

The participants aged between 10 to 17 years attending virtually and physically will be taken through various topics on advocacy, journalism, law, content creation, photography, videography, and basic graphic designing.

Additionally, they will learn social media skills at the same time learn online safety. To this end, they learn how to identify fake news and how to avoid online child abuse.

In the process, children will be taught the role they play in their families and the community at large. Additionally, they are trained on child participation to enable children to influence different processes such as budgeting for children and their rights as outlined in the constitution.

Over 150 children have so far been trained since its inception in 2019. Online classes are free while Sh 5000 is charged for the physical classes to cater for lunch and learning materials. These trainings are offered when the school closes for long holidays.

After the training, the children are issued with a certificate of completion, and follow-ups are made afterward for the mentorship of the graduates. The content created by the graduates is uploaded on Mtoto News platforms which greatly motivates them.


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