Sauti Zetu Training; Young Journalists Training

August 23, 2023

By Afeni Njoki

Twenty children between the ages of 7-18 years attended an interactive training at the Mtoto News office on the 21st of August to learn how to be young journalists, future activists, and public speakers as well as digital literacy.

The training began at 9. a.m after registration while participants who could not join physically joined online.

Through the training, children learned about media history, communication, public speaking, and news writing.

The facilitator on public speaking emphasized its importance in life and leadership roles.

Peterson, one of the participants in the training said ‘I am happy to learn how to build on my public speaking confidence, thanks to motto News and Sauti Zetu program.’

The organization provided meals and snacks for the children during break time and launch hours.

As the training continues, the organization hopes more children will attend this interactive training to get inspired to be child advocates and journalists.


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