FALSE: This video of a fire incident involving 49 cars is not from Kenya

August 28, 2023

The video is from Botswana

This TikTok video purportedly showing a fire accident in Kenya is False.

The video published on 26 June 2023 claimed that 49 cars were involved in the inferno.

The clip depicts a man overwhelmed with emotions, he kneels, and later lies on the ground after witnessing the cars going up in flames.

Several people conversing in Swahili can be heard saying,: Hizi zinashika moto sahi sahi, watu wako hapa chini, mzae mwenye hii nyumba ako hapa, watu wako hapa bana, mama na baba wako hapa. (These will catch fire right now, people are lying on the ground, the owner of this house is here, the father and mother are here)”.

The clip surfaced a day after Kenya 2023 Safari Rally championship ended. The rally was held in Naivasha Town.

However, upon performing a Google reverse image search on one of the key frames, Mtoto News discovered that the incident happened in Botswana.

The genuine video was also published here and here

The legitimate clip does not include the voices of the people speaking in Swahili. 

The YouTube video description states that the incident took place during the Kalahari Botswana Desert Race in Jwaneng, a mining town in Botswana. 

According to the video,  approximately 50 cars were engulfed in flames. It is suspected that the fire originated from a food vendor near where the cars were parked. 

Additionally, an article by Xinhua news confirmed that the incident happened in Botswana. Xinhua reported that no fatalities or injuries were recorded.

Mtoto News investigated the video on tiktok purportedly showing a fire incident in Kenya and found it to be FALSE.

This fact-check was published by Mtoto News with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck and African Fact-Checking Alliance

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