Two-Thirds of Child-Related SDGs Indicators Off-Pace to Meet Targets-UNICEF

September 29, 2023

Two-thirds of child-related 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators are off-pace to meet their targets, according to a new UNICEF report released recently.

This is worrying as the world is at the halfway mark towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report, Progress on Children’s Well-Being: Centring child rights in the 2030 Agenda warns that as of today, only 6 percent of the child population – or 150 million children – living in just 11 countries have reached 50 percent of child-related targets met – the highest level of achievement globally.

It continues to say that, if expected progress continues, only a total of 60 countries – home to just 25 percent of the child population – will have met their targets by 2030, leaving around 1.9 billion children in 140 countries behind.

According to the report, accelerated development is possible with strong national commitment, effective policies, and adequate financing, with some low and lower-middle-income countries making the fastest rate of progress.

To achieve the 2030 targets, countries that are currently off-pace will need to accelerate progress to historically unprecedented levels. Evidence shows that investing in child rights drives and sustains results for all societies, people, and the planet, as interventions in children’s early years go the furthest toward eradicating hunger, poverty, poor health, and inequality

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