"The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti,"

October 13, 2023

Nairobi, Kenya – October 13, 2023 – Kenya’s first and only free-to-air TV station for children and families, Akili Kids! TV, is set to take young viewers on a captivating journey with the launch of the all-Kenyan animated series, “The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti.” Developed and created by three leading Kenyan creative houses – StudioAng, The LAM Sisterhood, and Kikapu.Studio – this series promises to be an extraordinary adventure that celebrates Kenyan culture and values.

“The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti” is a unique animated adventure series that delves into the lives of two inquisitive young friends, Jabali and Sauti. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures to solve mysteries and discover the true essence of friendship and teamwork. The show is not just about entertainment; it is a testament to the rich tapestry of Kenyan culture and storytelling.

The creators of this series have put great emphasis on both entertaining and educating young audiences. With the aim of sparking children’s imaginations and curiosity, “The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti” is designed to immerse children in authentic Kenyan stories. Beyond the television screen, the storytelling extends into comics, storybooks, and games, allowing children to explore the “Tisa Universe” and develop a love for reading while having fun.

Airing on Akili Kids! TV, this groundbreaking series will reach over 7 million children and 5 million adults across Kenya. Eddie Olang, Akili Kids! Head of Partnerships, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership, saying it “represents a significant step towards achieving the Akili Kids! vision of educating and entertaining Kenyan children and families with quality content.”

“The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti” owes its existence to the unwavering support of the Aga Khan Foundation and the LEGO Foundation, which recognized the remarkable talent and vision of The LAM Sisterhood, StudioAng, and Kikapu.Studio. With Akili Kids! TV joining this dynamic team, these incredible stories are set to reach as many Kenyan children as possible.

The “Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti” have premiered exclusively on Akili Kids! TV on October 7th at 5 pm.  This is a fantastic opportunity for Kenyan children and families to experience this homegrown, Kenyan animated series that promises adventure, education, and a celebration of their rich cultural heritage.


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