2,360 children killed in Israeli-Palestine War

October 27, 2023

Since the latest Israeli-Palestine war erupted on 7 October, at least 2,360 children have been killed in Gaza and 5,364 injured.

Most of the deceased children have not received proper burials due to the ongoing relentless airstrikes that have made it impossible for burials to happen.

Additionally, over 870 children are missing in Gaza and feared trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings according to data from Save the Children.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said they received at least 1,550 reports of missing persons still under the rubble, including 870 children.

Reports also indicate an increasing number of separated children where at least 10-12 cases of separated children are reported in a single hospital. Several other cases of deceased children whose bodies hadn’t been identified or claimed by any relatives have also been reported.

For those children still alive yet trapped under the rubble, they are likely to be suffering from severe physical trauma- including complex crush injuries – dehydration, and extreme mental distress, said Save the Children.

For those who have been rescued but have suffered severe injuries, most are unable to receive even basic treatment because the health system is barely functioning. Relentless airstrikes have damaged hospitals and pulverized ambulances, generators are running out of fuel, and shortages of medicine, equipment, and specialized personnel mean that those hospitals that are still open are barely able to treat injured children.

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