FALSE: This image isn’t of Serena Hotel, Kenya

November 7, 2023

The image is of a luxury mega hotel in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

This Facebook post with an image supposedly of Serena Hotel, Kenya, is FALSE.

The image features a tall, opulent golden building with swirling towers at the top.

The accompanying text reads: “Serena Hotel Kenya, Beautiful.”

To authenticate this image, Mtoto News conducted a Google reverse image search and found that the photo is of a luxury mega hotel in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.


According to the Amazing Architecture website the building named The Fluidity 2.0 High-Rise, was designed by Mariana Cabugueira Custodio dos Santos. It is a 250m mega luxury hotel and office hybrid tower located in the Swiss Alps.

The photo was also published here and here

Notably, Serena Hotels runs several chains in Kenya, and photos published by the hospitality entity of its facilities do not resemble the one we are fact-checking.

Mtoto News examined a Facebook post with a photo supposedly of Serena Hotel in Kenya and found it to be FALSE.

This fact-check was published by Mtoto News with technical support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck newsdesk through the African Fact-Checking Alliance.




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