FALSE: This photo isn’t of a bus made by a student from Bungoma, Kenya

November 11, 2023

The image is of a Marcopolo BRT bus in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This Facebook post with an image supposedly of a bus made by a student from Bungoma, Kenya, is FALSE.

The post claims that the bus was made by a student taking part in Kenya’s Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), but did not specify which level of education the student was in.

“Tzs (Tanzanians),Ugs( Ugandans) and Nigerians,,, Beware that this Bus is not a Chinese or Japanese model,it was made by a CBC pupil in Bungoma, Western Kenya,” the post reads.

CBC was officially rolled out in Kenya in 2019. The new curriculum emphasises the learner’s competence and utilisation of formative assessment.

But, is the post authentic?

A Google reverse image search of the photo established that the picture is a Marcopolo Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Marcopolo is a Brazilian company that focuses on the manufacture of bus bodies.

TranspoData published the image on 16 October 2023 in this article about Rio De Janeiro acquiring 287 buses from Marcopolo.

According to the article, Rio De Janeiro will, from November 2023, receive 287 BRT buses to aid the city’s public transport system.

The image was also published here and here.

On 11 October 2023, Marcopolo published a statement on its verified Facebook page confirming that it is set to deliver 287 buses to the Brazilian city by mid-2024.

The statement had an image of a bus with a similar code “E902152” to the one we are debunking.

PesaCheck examined a Facebook post with an image supposedly of a bus made by a student from Bungoma, Kenya, and found it to be FALSE.

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