A Ticking Time Bomb

November 28, 2023

In our world today, a looming crisis quietly accompanies our daily routines, and it goes beyond the immediate concerns of our daily lives. We’re talking about climate change, a force that not only transforms landscapes but also holds the power to reshape the very foundations of our global economies.

The world is currently very dependent on fossil fuels as one of the largest sources of energy, however it is worth noting that at the current rate of depletion of these fuels, we do not properly give them a chance to accumulate. It is because of this fact that they are known as non-renewable sources of energy. These non-renewable sources of energy fuel our homes, light up our spaces, and power our modes of transportation.

At the moment, the world is heavily dependent on these nonrenewable energy sources. It is estimated that 15,900,000,000 liters of crude oil is consumed daily by 2023. Only the transportation sector is estimated to consume 2,067,000,000 liters of crude oil per day, making up 13% of total crude oil use. The rest is given to electricity, cooking, heating, and so on.

At the current rate of consumption, scientists predict that we have less than 50 years of crude oil supply left in our natural environment. In other words, crude oil reserves will run out in 50 years, crude oil prices will skyrocket, transportation of goods and people from one area to another will be very difficult and expensive, the costs of living will skyrocket to levels this world has never seen before, and countries that are heavily reliant on crude oil will suffer.

We haven’t even discussed the problems that climate change will cause at that point, such as famines, droughts, floods, and intense tropical storms, and how people will have limited access to food and medication due to how expensive transportation will be.

To all those who are reading this, “This is the future that we as humanity are looking at, by doing all this we are signing the death certificates of Millions and possibly even billions of people who are not responsible but yet pay the biggest consequence.”

Let us reflect on what we are doing, the time to act is now, “My planet, My Rights.”

By George Kande

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