From Childhood Dreams to Adult Wins

January 10, 2024

(Finding your way in life’s challenges with Gratitude and Growth)

Imagine living in a world free of negativity, or free from people who always expect the worst and all kinds of disappointments in life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Every human being may choose a lifestyle like this one because there is nothing better than relaxing in your comfort zone, a land of milk and honey.

On the other hand, a person’s thoughts, beliefs and views are shaped by the challenges that one faces in life through different stages, which affects not only adults but also children. During these periods of growth, the mind develops the ability to get past challenges, which opens the door for critical thinking and independent development of both mental and physical solutions.

Then, as one grows from childhood to adulthood, independence and productivity are introduced. It is a great happiness to every parent or guardian to witness their children succeed in life after raising them with great goals for achievement and hearts full of gratitude.

Some of the obstacles that may create a barrier preventing children from making a reality of their dreams in life include neglect from parents and caregivers, lack of access to basic needs including education and cases of violence that contribute to the abuse of children’s rights.

Keep in mind that challenges in life are not trying to crush your dreams, instead, they can serve as an opportunity for growth in your life, hence allowing you to take a moment to look back on your life and gain a new perspective on how to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams.

To overcome these obstacles, children can be taken through counselling with professionals who will guide them through the healing process and prevent them from falling prey. Through government intervention and support from organisations that advocate for children’s rights and their well being, children’s childhood dreams will be translated into adulthood.

Just in case you have thoughts of giving up, remember nothing comes easy, keep grinding.

By Arnold Fedha.

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