Children and Technology

February 27, 2024

We are living in a world where children are surrounded by computers, phones, and social media, things called the ‘internet.’ Even though the web brings amazing chances for studying, talking, and making art, it also causes worries because kids might face dangers or grow up wrong.

Children who are born during the internet age are special since they get a lot of information and fun from the internet. But they could be hurt by bullies online, see bad stuff, or spend too much time staring at screens instead of playing outside. These things may affect their emotions, friendships, and even bodies.

Social media helps children meet new friends and feel like they belong. Yet, it sometimes shows only perfect pictures and stories, causing some children to think others are better than them. 

Learning on the internet is great! There are many books, videos, and games to help children learn anything they want. But not everything you find online is true. So, children need to know how to tell if something is real or fake before trusting what they read or watch.

Too much screen time isn’t good for growing bodies. Sitting still for long periods leads to weight gain, trouble sleeping, and body pain. That’s why adults should set rules about how much time kids spend looking at screens each day. They should also make sure kids do plenty of exercise and go outside every day.

But even though there are risks, the internet gives kids wonderful chances to improve their brains and learn new things. For example, they can take online lessons, create cool websites, and talk to friends around the globe. Plus, they can show off their talents using video and writing.

Adults must work together to keep kids safe online. Parents, teachers, lawmakers, and computer experts should teach kids about being kind online, finding accurate facts, and staying away from dangerous situations. When everyone works together, kids can enjoy the best parts of the internet without getting harmed.

Written by Shillah Lwangu

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