The History of Education

March 7, 2024

Have you ever wondered how education has changed over time? Well, let’s take a journey through history to see how parenting in education has grown.

Long long ago ,children did not go to school, instead they learned from their parents and elders. They were taught important skills like hunting, farming, and storytelling. 

As time went by, schools started to appear, but these schools were run by religious leaders and wealthy families, so students would learn reading, writing and math, as well as religious teaching. Of Course parents still played a big role in their children’s education but now they could send their kids to school to learn instead of the children learning from them.

But at first, education was mainly for the rich children. Boys went to schools while girls were taught at home. 

By Good luck, in  the 19th century, education laws were made, where education was made compulsory for every child in many countries. This meant that all children had to go to school. And just like that, education continued to grow, and new teaching methods were introduced. Schools became a lot and every child was able to have fun and learn new things.

Today , education has changed over the years, and is considered  to be more important than changing every now and then in order to provide for the needs of every child, without looking at their skin colour or their gender.

Therefore ,the progress of education from the past to today shows a positive change in making it easy for every child to learn and to be able to come up with new ideas now and then. 

So, as we look back on how education and parenting have changed over time, we can see that each era has brought new opportunities for children to learn and grow. By understanding our past, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

And, the next time you’re learning something new, think about how people learned in the past. And remember, no matter what time period you’re in, learning is always fun!

Written by Alice njoki


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