Kenya's Courts Go Digital

March 14, 2024

Chief Justice Martha Koome has introduced digital upgrades to Kenya’s legal system. Starting July 1, 2024, courts nationwide will switch to e-filing, doing away with paper documents. A new online portal will also provide real-time updates on case schedules, making it easier for people to know when their cases are due.

To improve efficiency and accessibility, Kenya’s legal system is undergoing a digital makeover led by Chief Justice Martha Koome. Courts around the country will switch to electronic filing on July 1, 2024, doing away with the requirement for conventional paper-based documentation. This major change is in line with the Judiciary’s modernization commitment, as it attempts to simplify procedures and lower obstacles to justice.

A user-friendly online portal offering real-time updates on case schedules has been introduced at the same time with the introduction of e-filing. Now that this information can be accessed from anywhere, advocates and litigants are better equipped to participate in and stay informed about court cases. Koome said that the portal enables users to view court schedules and track the progress of cases online, making it easier for individuals to plan their court appearances and monitor the status of their cases.

The introduction of a Data Tracking Dashboard, which provides judiciary leaders with insights into case processing, is at the center of these digital innovations. The dashboard improves operational efficiency and makes informed decisions possible with its real-time monitoring features. This technical development demonstrates the judiciary’s commitment to using innovation to enhance service delivery and protect every citizen’s including children’s rights within the legal system.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and other stakeholders, along with the Judiciary, are working together to modernize Kenya’s justice system. Support from stakeholders and the dedication to offering sufficient ICT infrastructure and training strengthen the initiatives’ transformative power.

In the end, these developments portend a new era of openness and accessibility in Kenya’s legal system, offering everyone access to a just and effective legal system.

Written By Alice Njoki

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