Children Suffer Most in Kenya's Severe Floods

April 30, 2024

By Alice Njoki | April 30, 2024

Following Kenya’s worst flooding in a long time, children have been hit the hardest. Heavy rains and sudden floods have swept through towns, causing widespread damage and forcing many people to leave their homes. With at least 169 people dead and nearly 185,000 families displaced, the country is facing a major crisis, especially in places like Nairobi and Machakos.

In Nairobi, the normally calm Nairobi River and the Athi River overflowed, causing floods that destroyed homes and roads. More than 40,000 people had to leave their homes, with areas like Mlolongo, Githurai, and Kawangware being badly affected.

Besides the physical damage, the floods have also made it hard for many children to go to school. The Ministry of Education decided to delay the reopening of schools by a week because of flooded roads and damaged buildings. This delay could make life even harder for kids who already find it difficult to go to school.

There’s also a big risk of diseases spreading after the floods, which makes the situation even worse for the affected communities. Aid groups are working hard to provide things like shelter, clean water, and medical care, but it’s going to take a long time for things to get better.

President William Ruto has called emergency meetings and promised to give help to the affected areas, showing that the government is serious about helping people in need. But the floods have shown how important it is to have good plans in place for dealing with disasters and adapting to changes in the weather.

Even though Kenya is facing a tough time after the floods, the kids affected by this disaster are still hopeful for a better future. It’s really important for everyone to come together and support these children, making sure they have what they need to rebuild their lives and communities.

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