Government Confirms 2000 School Closures Due to Flooding

May 16, 2024

Deputy Government Spokesperson Mwanaisha Chidzuga addressed the nation on Monday 13th May 2024,  revealing that over 2000 schools will remain closed due to flooding caused by heavy rains. While some schools have reopened for Term Two, a significant portion remains inaccessible, posing a challenge to students’ education.

Chidzuga assured that the government is taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact on affected students. One such measure includes relocating students to nearby schools to ensure continuity of learning. Additionally, government departments are actively assessing the safety of school premises to prevent any risks to students.

“As a government, we prioritize the education of our children. That’s why we’ve delayed school openings and are working diligently to assess the safety of school buildings, especially those in flood-prone areas,” Chidzuga emphasized.

She also highlighted plans to establish temporary classrooms using tents and explore e-learning options for affected students. Moreover, the government is considering extending the academic term to accommodate the disrupted syllabus and ensure comprehensive learning.

Chidzuga’s remarks show the government’s commitment to addressing challenges in the education sector and ensuring the well-being of students amidst adverse weather conditions. 

By Beneditta Katee

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