UN Security Council Approves Peace Plan for Gaza, Potential Lifeline for Children of Gaza

June 11, 2024

The UN Security Council has approved a US-drafted resolution calling for a full and immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the safe distribution of humanitarian aid, and the release of hostages. Save the Children has praised this decision, emphasizing its potential to provide a critical lifeline for children in Gaza.

Tamer Kirolos, Save the Children’s Regional Advocacy Director for the Middle East, stated, “The resolution voted on today at the UN Security Council is a step in the right direction – the bare minimum children in Gaza expect from an institution that has fundamentally let them down.”

Kirolos further urged immediate acceptance of the proposal, warning that if it is not, the international community must act swiftly to ensure a definitive ceasefire and humanitarian access. “It will still be too late for the tens of thousands of children who have been killed, maimed, abducted, displaced, and starved, but it will save hundreds of thousands more,” he added.

The resolution, which supports a US-backed ceasefire plan for Gaza, received overwhelming support with 14 out of 15 Security Council members voting in favor. Russia abstained from the vote.

Key elements of the resolution include the release of hostages held by Hamas, the return of deceased hostages’ remains, and the exchange of Palestinian prisoners. The resolution indicates that Israel has accepted the ceasefire proposal and urges Hamas to agree as well.

This decision aligns the Security Council with various governments and the G7 nations, which had previously endorsed the three-part plan unveiled by President Joe Biden on May 31. Biden had described the proposal as an Israeli ceasefire plan.

The detailed proposal, agreed upon by Israel’s three-man war cabinet and mediated by the US, Qatar, and Egypt, has not been made public. Some far-right Israeli ministers have expressed opposition to it, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not publicly stated his position on the plan as presented by Biden.

The resolution’s approval followed intensive diplomatic efforts by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who met with regional leaders, including Netanyahu, to garner support for the ceasefire deal. Prior to the UN vote, Blinken emphasized the need for Hamas to agree to the ceasefire, stating, “If you want a ceasefire, press Hamas to say yes.”

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