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Siku ya Mtoto wa Kiafrika; Kulinda Mustakabali wa Watoto wa Afrika

Tunapojiandaa kuadhimisha Siku ya Mtoto wa Afrika, tunakumbushwa na changamoto kubwa zinazowakabili watoto kote barani, hasa katika maeneo kama Congo na Sudan. Changamoto hizi zinaonyesha taswira ya wazi ya dhiki na uthabiti, ambapo watoto wanapitia masaibu ambayo hayafai kwa mtoto yeyote. Kama “mvua ya vuli,” utoto katika Congo na Sudan umefunikwa na ukweli mgumu wa […]

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Government Confirms 2000 School Closures Due to Flooding

Deputy Government Spokesperson Mwanaisha Chidzuga addressed the nation on Monday 13th May 2024,  revealing that over 2000 schools will remain closed due to flooding caused by heavy rains. While some schools have reopened for Term Two, a significant portion remains inaccessible, posing a challenge to students’ education. Chidzuga assured that the government is taking proactive […]

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President Ruto Announces School Reopening on Monday, May 13, 2024

President William Ruto has ordered the reopening of all schools on Monday, May 13, 2024. This decision comes as weather forecasts show an improvement, indicating a decrease in heavy rains that had previously caused the postponement of school reopening. Simultaneously, President Ruto has mandated that funds for the reconstruction of school infrastructure damaged by heavy […]

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The Ministry of Education’s Delayed Communication has Left Students Stranded.

The Ministry of Education’s recent decision to postpone the reopening of schools in Kenya due to heavy rains has raised concern among parents, teachers, and policymakers alike. The abrupt announcement, delivered on the day students were scheduled to return to classrooms, has brought questions regarding the competence and foresight of the ministry. Many netizens, myself […]

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 Balancing Children’s potential Inside and Outside the Classroom

In today’s education system, there’s a big debate about whether we’re giving kids the right balance between learning in class and learning from real-life experiences. Traditionally, schools have focused a lot on tests and grades, often leaving out important skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and practical know-how. Some people say we need to shake things up […]

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The History of Education

Have you ever wondered how education has changed over time? Well, let’s take a journey through history to see how parenting in education has grown. Long long ago ,children did not go to school, instead they learned from their parents and elders. They were taught important skills like hunting, farming, and storytelling.  As time went […]

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Samburu: Cutting Off Cultural Customs and Gender Inequalities to Promote Inclusive Education

World Vision Kenya, in partnership with the Ministries of Interior and Education, has set out on a revolutionary mission to address the cultural and regional barriers that hinders education in Samburu County, Kenya. The initiative seeks to safeguard children from harmful cultural practices and make sure that all children of school age have access to […]

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Shattered Dreams of Children Living in War Zones

Children living in war zones are deprived of the opportunity to pursue a normal curriculum, shattering their dreams of becoming architects, engineers, doctors, journalists and more. Instead, they are forced to focus on survival skills amid the harsh realities of hunger and the constant threat of bombings. As the world is celebrating the international day […]

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Concerns Rise as Nearly Every Student at Oruba Boys Records a Mean Grade of D

Students from Migori County’s Oruba Boys High School contest the validity of the 2023 KCSE results, nearly all of which had a mean grade of D. The majority of students reportedly received Ds and Es, with only two receiving a C-. The students claim that the results are shocking because they have never received such […]

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Addressing the Challenges and Empowering Students with Special Needs by Promoting Inclusive Education

In the pursuit of an equitable and inclusive education system, Special Needs Education (SNE) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every learner, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, has access to quality education. However, the landscape of SNE in Kenya reveals a series of challenges and opportunities for improvement, as highlighted in the report […]