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Breast Milk Spurs Pre-term Babies’ Brain Development-Study

A new study suggests that the more breast milk premature babies are fed while in neonatal intensive care, the greater the level of brain development. When a baby is born premature, the cerebral cortex—the part of the brain for learning and thinking—is usually underdeveloped. The study discovered that pre-mature babies who consumed high levels of breast milk quickly […]


Nairobi Leads in the Number of Preterm Births, Nakuru Comes Second

Data from the Ministry of Health indicates that Nairobi County has the highest rates of preterm babies with 5,338 babies born before 37 weeks of gestation period. Among the top ten counties with the highest preterm births include, Nakuru with 2,815, followed by Kiambu with 2,330 preterm births, Kilifi with 1,919 and Bungoma with 1,544. […]