Magoha Directs TSC to Fire Principals Who turn away Students Due to Lack of School

May 20, 2022

By Raisa Okwaras,

A group of women in the White Nile area in Sudan is championing their children’s education by building them classrooms.

Jwairya Schools came to life after a group of women in Jwairya would take in donations to build a classroom every year. In the beginning, however, they used impermanent material for the construction of the classrooms. When they got to five classrooms, the Ministry of Education demanded them to only construct permanent classrooms going forward.

However, since they could not afford money to set up permanent classroom structures, they had to halt the classroom construction activities. Years of no activity saw parents and children starting to give up on the school and education at large.

It stood empty for years. People had given up to the point that they would take the material of the abandoned building and use it for their homes. Children had to walk long distances to get to the schools outside of this area,” said Minal, a PTA member and a teacher at Jwairya Girls.

When years passed, parents started noticing that their children are dropping out of school and opting for casual jobs. This rained concern since it was the long distances that the children had to walk to school that were making them opt out of school.

The Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) came together to salvage the school. It gathered donations and started rebuilding the school one classroom at a time. People volunteered to do the construction work since the funds were limited. Once they had 8 classrooms, they decided to separate the students by gender to have girls and boys each having their own school.

The school, which mostly has internally displaced people or refugees, currently has a population of over six hundred students. These children now have a community of friends and colleagues at a place they go to for education, making their future bright.

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