June 16, 2022

By: Benson Khaduri

Single parenting refers to a parent bringing up their children without assistance or intervention of another partner .There are various reasons why single parenting occurs in society today namely divorce, breakup, abandonment, rape , death of the other parent, domestic violence,
early pregnancy, single person adoption, childbirth by single person or maybe even, a child born out of wedlock .

These children from single parent families face a myriad of challenges some exacerbated due to them being children. Some of the challenges these children face are:
Children from single parent families are less likely to finish school; compared to children with two parents. Why is that? Groups of people may argue that this is because one parent cannot be able to fund his or her child’s education alone to some extent this statement is true but there are other challenges such as low school achievements, more discipline problems , less high school graduation lower college attendance , more crime and imprisonment .

We talk about Many challenges from morning to evening but the major one is and will always be financial constraints . This is because one parent cannot fund the children’s lives wholly warranting need for financial assistance. Even so single parent families are beautiful families.
They should be treated with respect and love not disrespect, fear, awkwardness and demeaning attitudes. Single parent families have given rise to great people of the world such
as: Ben Carson, Barrack Obama and actress Scarlet Johansson just to name but a few. Lets respect reign.

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