What are Raila and Ruto promising children once elected<br>president?

June 16, 2022

By: Benson Khaduri

As the main presidential candidates what are Raila and Ruto promising children? Well , Raila the honorable premier has promised a lot . As for Ruto and his Hustler Movement children are not important. When Raila wins he will categorize single mothers and their children in special
and needy group which will ensure the financial empowerment and support. Raila acknowledges the rise of the number of single mothers in the country hence the need and necessity for the next government to support them and their children. Many should know where single mothers are coming from. It is due to divorce, death of husbands and some men
fleeing from responsibility, which some would argue is a situation emboldened by the illegal hustler thought. The hustler movement has deprived families off their father and some, mother, Kenyan, tread lightly and be careful so as not to be hoodwinked.

Street children have for a long time been viewed as street archins, a menace , a problem or danger .This would change when honorable Raila is sworn in as the fifth president of Kenya .street children will have a chance to get an education to better their lives.

The next president is also advocating for a monthly stipend of 6000 ksh for poor families in a social welfare Programme. We have seen such programmes in china, japan, south Korea, Canada , Britain, America (US) and Europe it was recently adopted in Namibia. If adopted in Kenya , 70%of the population would be able to at least get food while working better for other needs . It is a game changer for Kenya.

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