Magoha Urges Private Schools to Retain Learners in their Junior Secondary School

June 23, 2022

By Lydia Gichuki

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha yesterday urged private schools to retain students transiting from Grade Six to Junior Secondary School in their current institutions until Year Nine.

With this he opined that, it would deal with the stiff competition that is always witnessed at the end of primary school.

‘It would be very important for parents who already have their children in private schools to retain them in JSS that are established in those schools so that the cutthroat competition that comes after Standard 8 be postponed to Year Nine,’ said the CS.

Magoha is now pushing for the implementation of this idea in private schools.

Magoha was speaking at Moi Educational Center High school (MECHS) where he launched a CBC classroom on Monday.

In addition, Prof Magoha noted the government was finalizing the criteria of placing students in junior secondary school before releasing it to the public in the near future.

According to Kenya Private Association 1,296 CBC classrooms are already completed in private schools and at least 5,000 CBC classrooms are expected be established.

However, he asked the private schools, which will have CBC classrooms ready to also to allow the children apply in the public platform so that they are placed through that platform.

He added that this does not stop others from joining to private schools.

He said the CBC classrooms in the first phase are complete with only places like Bungoma and just a few counties in the Rift Valley lagging behind.

There are about 1.2 million registered Grade 6 pupils that are going to transit to Grade 7 next year.

Photo Credit; Eduminkenya

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