KICD Introduces New Pre-Vocational Level Subjects For Special Needs Learners

June 28, 2022

By Lydia Gichuki

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has modified and adapted ten Learning Areas for Special Needs learners at the Pre-Vocational Level under the Stage-Based Curriculum for the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The learners will now be taken through Daily Living skill, Mathematics Social and Literacy Skills Communication and Pre-Vocational Skills. In addition, the learners will also learn Music and Movement, Hygiene, Nutrition and Safety, Physical and Health Education, Environmental activities, Social Studies and Religious education.

The stage-based curriculum has four levels. The first level is the Foundation level, then there is the Intermediate level, the Pre-Vocational Level and the Vocational Skills level.

Learners who tackle the Pre-vocational level are those with intellectual disabilities, the deaf, blindness, autism, severe cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

The learners are set to move from the current Intermediate Level to the Pre-Vocational Level in January next year.

With this, KICD noted that the adapted curriculum at the pre-vocational, which is predominately skill based, prepares learners for basic work skills and pre-requisite skills in various vocational areas to enable them identify their abilities and interest in a given field.

This will prepare learners with disabilities for basic work skills and introduce them to the pre-requisite skills in various vocational areas.



These pre-requisite skills will enable them to identify their abilities and interests in any field.

In order to move from one level to another, a learner has to achieve set outcomes of learning. Continuous assessment is also used when informing and improving learning.

Photo Credit; Port Reitz Special School, Mombasa,

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