These Two Foundations are Improving Lives of Underprivileged Learners in Kajiado

July 18, 2022

By Raisa Okwaras

Two foundations namely Big Life Foundation and The Great Plains Foundation are improving the lives of underprivileged learners in Kajiado county. These two have now kick-started a program in the area to feed twenty-two thousand children in twenty-seven schools, which began on July 11.

By bringing in food, education funding, and even healthcare, Big Life Foundation and The Great Plains Foundation have been instrumental to the children and the entire community in the four ranches, including Imbirrikani. Some of the foods that these children benefit from include meat, maize flour, and porridge flour.

For instance, according to the Imbirrikani community group ranch chairman Daniel Metui, Big Life Foundation has awarded full scholarships to three hundred university students from the area. In addition, they have been doing so for the years they have been in the community.

Speaking on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at Enjape Primary School to kickstart the distribution of food to the twenty-seven schools, Chairman Daniel Metui requested The Great Plains Foundation to erect permanent offices in Imbirrikani.

We are now calling upon the Great Plains Foundation to put permanent offices in Imbirrikani. I am thanking them for the effort in joining with others in saving our children during the drought,” he said.

According to The Great Plains Foundation liaison officer Jonathan Kone, the foundation is aiding the Maasai community in Imbirrikani by employing teachers in public schools. He held that so far, the foundation has employed a total of twenty-five primary school teachers under the permanent and pensionable scheme.

Kone also added that The Great Plains Foundation is one of the task office members selected to raise money for the ongoing activity of feeding learners in these four ranches situated in Kajiado South sub-county.

After missing the April long rains this year, we formed a drought mitigation task force committee, and the Great Plains Foundation through me decided to donate food to all schools in Imbirrikani group ranch for five months starting July to November this year,” said Kone.

Mr.Kone also added that the Great Plains Foundation is looking to open an eye clinic program in the schools situated in Imbirrikani group ranch.

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