Tana River: Father on the Run After Defiling Daughters

July 22, 2022

By Raisa Okwaras

A father of two daughters aged 18 and 13 in Tana River has been on the run after defiling his daughters for four years and five months respectively.

According to a guardian who rescued the children, the culprit had been defiling the eldest daughter for over four years and the younger one since March 2022.

The guardian, who sought anonymity, also revealed that the mother of the girls was aware of the vice but could not do anything since the man was a hostile person. In addition, she feared that he would kill her if she revealed what he did to others.

However, the mother could not bear it anymore when the culprit turned to the younger daughter in March. It is when he confided with close people who then revealed it to the elders.

Once the man found out that his secrets were out, he started threatening and frustrating the children to cover up his vile practices. Thankfully, the guardian feared that such would worsen and reported the matter to the Bura Gender officer who then reported it to the police officers at Bura Police Station.

I feared it would get worse, so I reported the matter to the Bura gender officer, who in turn took the matter to the police,” said the guardian.

These cases were then reported to Bura Police Station under OB numbers 28/7/2022 and 29/7/2022 respectively. However, reports hold that the culprit had been allegedly intimidating, harassing, and threatening the two girls to dampen the justice-seeking process.

Due to this, led by Groots Kenya, a group of human rights groups took the children to a temporary rescue center in Tana River County to keep them safe.

We have them in a safe place for guidance and counseling since they are traumatized and would not wish to continue staying in an environment that is disturbing to them psychologically,” stated the Groots Kenya Coordinator Rahma Adan.

According to the Tana River county GBV office, samples from the girls taken for testing revealed that they had been defiled. They are however working on giving conclusive feedback.

The police officers launched an operation of tracking and arresting the culprit who is on the run.

Source; Nation Africa.

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