Where Does the Upkeep Money Go To? A Kenyan Mother Working Abroad Finds Son Unkempt

July 22, 2022

By Raisa Okwaras

A Kenyan lady working abroad has been left heartbroken after she returned home only to find her son in a shabby state after constantly sending home all her earnings. The money was meant to cover her son’s upkeep and other expenses.

According to the mother, she works very hard to fend for herself, her son, and the family back home. Also, she expected the son to look cared for since she would constantly send money home for his upkeep. She then decided to make an unannounced trip home only to be devastated by the state of her poor son who looked frail, dirty, raggedy, and homeless.

The lady, who goes by the TikTok username @its_me_honey, took to her TikTok account where she posted videos including her son and aired out her devastation.

Working very hard and sending all your money home only to find your child looking like this,” she posted.

Netizens then reacted to the social media post which has since gained traction. Some were asking her to be thankful for the fact that her son was alive. Others stated that they had to come back to visit the graves of their children whom they left perfectly okay.

Here are some of the social media reactions;

Don’t worry, dear. What is important is that he is happy and alive. Just see the happiness on his face. Start from there and thank God that he is alive,” read Sunshine’s response.

Don’t mind dear. If he is alive and healthy, thank God. My child is dead. I left just for three years. Now I have to go back and visit my child at the grave,” wrote sinachbinyoh.

Sadly, such habits where one works far and home and sends money for the child’s upkeep only for them to be shortchanged by the family are common.

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