How Safe are our Children? A Reminder for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

August 1, 2022

Child trafficking is one of the major issues affecting children in Kenya and the world in general with cases of children as young as 7 years old being trafficked and later exploited for labor and even sexually.

The United Nations assigned the 30th of July every year to commemorate the World Day Against Trafficking of Persons.

The Major cause of Trafficking in Kenya is a lack of awareness, especially among the youth who are attracted by lucrative job opportunities posted online, and ultimately to a lack of information on the proper ways of accessing employment outside the country they end up being exploited.

Our message to everyone is to always verify any kind of information received online and to keep smart by not sharing your personal information. Here are other ways to stay safe as a child;

Meet no one who you only know from Online platforms

Accept messages and friend requests online and offline from friends or people you trust only.

Rely on information online only after verifying it is correct Telling a trusted adult if something happens.


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