Save The Children’s Four Point Strategic Plan

August 1, 2022


Left: Yvonne  Arunga, Save the Children Kenya and Madagascar’s Country Director and Mr. Shem Nyakutu, Secretary of Children’s Services . Photo courtesy of Save the Children Twitter

Save the Children Kenya and Madagascar has launched an ambitious Four Point strategic plan for 2022 – 2024 which will cost at least USD 26 Million targeting more than one million marginalized and vulnerable children in Kenya and Madagascar, in the next three years.

Key on its agenda is improving access to safe and quality education, ensuring children under five thrive, improving well-being for youth and adolescents and strengthening child-sensitive, shock-responsive social protection systems for vulnerable communities.

Speaking during the launch of the strategy, Yvonne  Arunga, Save the Children Kenya and Madagascar’s Country Director said the strategy focuses on the most marginalized and vulnerable children.

“We want our children, when they’re born, to stand the greatest chance of survival. Currently, we are losing too many babies at birth and in the initial years, from preventable causes like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and malnutrition”, said Yvonne

The three-year goal plan directly contributes to Save the Children’s global strategy and builds onto the organizations 2030 ambition of ensuring children survive, learn and are protected and majorly focuses on health and nutrition, education, technical skills for youth and adolescents and the humanitarian situation. It highlights four strategic goals that it will be focusing on in the next three years.

We want children to have safe and quality education; we also want to be in a place where when shocks happen, these children together with their families, don’t fall further behind because they’re already at a disadvantage.

Mr. Shem Nyakutu, Secretary of Children’s Services from the Directorate of Children Services lauded Save the Children for the three-year strategy noting that it is an ambitious yet transformative plan that will safeguard the rights of children in Kenya and help them achieve their full potential.

Noting that children constitute approximately 52% of the total population, he said  many of them face various challenges including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, parental neglect, child labour, exploitation, and other forms of violations adding that partnering with like-minded organizations like Save the Children, goes a long way in safeguarding their rights.

Child Protection calls for a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach to prevent and respond to various ills committed against the child. The Child Protection Workforce, which provides services to children, is drawn from various disciplines and is found in both State agencies and non-state actors. We can work together to strengthen government systems for enhanced prevention, coordination, and support, said Mr. Nyakutu.

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