Why We Should Make Better Choices for Our Children

August 6, 2022

Kenya is a step closer to being a 2nd world country. If we are trying to bring our country to being a 1st world, it would be best to take time and look at the current 1st world countries. The USA for example. Why aren’t we hearing cases about education there? Why is it us? Look at the USA, I mean, come on. Maybe we can try to take their ideas and turn them into our own. For example, instead of corporal punishment maybe we can use something like detention.

Or maybe we can try to reduce hours spent by children in school. Even initiate online school and maybe even remove the uniform policy.
Why remove it? Because uniform is perhaps one of the main reasons why children don’t go to school.

Why? Because children are told to stay home if they don’t have school uniform. Maybe we can adopt and use some of the policies in those 1st world countries. Sure, it may take time, but better late than sorry. Trust me, every child would totally agree with me right now.

Last week, I attended an event at Standard Group Media where Esther Passaris said that if she was to come back as a woman representative, she would start off with children where she would strip off the uniform policy as this is one of the main reasons children don’t go to school.

What I am trying to say is that we the children are the future of our country. If the adults think our opinion doesn’t matter then they are the ones that don’t matter. It is time we use our minds to make lives better.



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