How to Talk to Your Children About the Kenyan Election Results Beforehand

August 12, 2022

It is exactly three days after the general elections in Kenya, and the country’s emotional state is unfathomable. The tension between self-proclaimed online bloggers and national television stations like Citizen, NTV, and KTN has left Kenyans in a ‘how-much-longer’ situation.

But, how do you talk to children about the election results amidst all the anxiety? Wait, did you even consider children and the impact that your mode of breaking down this information can have on them?

Children are sponges, and the sooner you devise a proper way of preparing them for the presidential election results, the better. Here are ways to communicate to children about election results in advance;

Be Candid About Democracy

You have probably clarified who you will vote for in the just concluded voting process. Such conversations might have come up during dinner, walks, or when you are getting ready for work. And, your children must have caught up a name or two.

However, just because you plan to vote for a particular candidate does not automatically mean that your children have to side with you. It is your role to educate your children about what politics are, why people vote, and why you have a preference. Let them know the importance of democracy in elections and why you prefer a particular candidate over others.

All the same, your role should not be to influence them. Well, if this becomes the outcome at all, let it come from the point of discernment. This way, you will nurture excellent decision-making skills, wisdom, and individual-mindedness in your kids.

Install Helpful Coping Skills in Your Children

Truthfully speaking, your candidate may lose. So, how will you handle it, and how will you act before your children about the same? Does your candidate losing automatically make the other party the bad person?

Teach your children to accept results without being bitter or chaotic. After all, the winning candidate will be in charge of both those who supported them and those against them.

Part of coping is having an action plan after the elections. Draft steps you will take as a family to improve your lives after the elections. Such allows you to be farsighted and reduces anxiety around election results.

Teach them about Peace, Love, Unity, and Continuity

Lastly, life has to go on. Wallowing in what-ifs and self-pity is destructive and unrealistic in the long run. Let your children know tribalism, socialism, and taking a side are only divisive and harmful for the entire Kenyan community. Remind them to extend love and compassion to their neighbors and make peace with remaining compassionate, united, and peaceful.

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