2 Deserted Children Under 3 Rescued in Meru

August 22, 2022

Two male children under 3 years of age were rescued by Children officials in Meru County’s Maua town after their mother abandoned them.

According to Igembe children’s officer John Mwangi, rescuers found the hungry boys in their single-roomed house in Kiutine market in Igembe Central, Meru county.

Mukami, their mother, had woken up and left on a motorcycle on Kenya’s election day on August 9, 2022, never to return. The rescuers found the children hours after Mukami had left. She had neither left food for the little ones nor someone to take care of them or keep an eye on them.

One neighbor that identified Mukami as a lady in her twenties revealed that she had relocated to Kiutine market and had been there for only 3 months. She stated that Mukami resorted to doing casual work to take care of her children. Still, the residents were clueless on details concerning her background.

Children’s officer John Mwangi forwarded the issue to Kiutine Police Post. The neighbors resorted to taking care of the children as they were speculating the return of their mother.

However, when ten days elapsed without the return of the mother, Mwangi decided to contact the Children Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) to give the way forward. CWSK opted to take the children to Isiolo Children’s home where the two will stay for the next three years.

Mr. Mwangi also added that the children seemed to have suffered prolonged neglect. Besides, they seemed hungry and without warm clothes on the day the rescuers found them.

The children’s office thought it was best for them to stay at the children’s home where all their basic needs will be met and where they will have a sense of community. The children could stay for longer if their family members will fail to show up to claim them.



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